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Today, there are a number of manufacturers that are producing different designs of hunting camouflage ghillie suits. These designs are new, fresh and difficult to spot. These new hunting camouflage patterns are really effective.

Below are the different types of hunting camouflage patterns:

A. The sixsite camouflage pattern

The creator of this pattern made sure that the design of the hunting camouflage has multi dimentional and organic elements which can blend into nature. This kind of design has been tested in the field and it is proven to be successful.

B. The tusx camouflage pattern

This kind of pattern incorporates tonal microstructures such as shapeless flecks and blobs. The main purpore of this kind of camouflage pattern is to blend into a diverse surrounding with different densities and colors. This is considered as a high quality hunting camouflage.

C. The outdoors camouflage pattern

The outdoors camouflage pattern was made for open country hunting. These looks like 3-D on flat surfaces and they come in color yellow, brown and gray.

D. The A-TACS camouflage pattern

The A-TACS also known as the Advance Tactical Concealment System camouflage pattern is very popular and mostly used by law enforcement personnel and by the military. Now they are also being used by hunters. The creator of this pattern does not believe that one pattern will be suitable for one setting. This pattern has a design that will be suitable for a certain environment. This has different pattern orientations and color variations. This is a versatile pattern even if it is not an all purpose hunting camouflage pattern. Also find out more about the hunter orange vest here.

E. The O2 Octane camouflage pattern

This pattern is used in different apparels and even in footwear. This kind of hunting camouflage pattern has a abstract shapes, contrasting tones and contrasting colors. This kind of camouflage pattern can be suitable for any kind of environment.

All of these are the new hunting camouflage pattern that you can choose from. Before choosing a pattern you need to know your requirements first. If you do this then it will be easier for you to choose the right pattern. Once you know the right pattern the next thing to do is to choose a manufacture. It is realy vital that the manufacture only offers high quality hunting camouflage. You can either ask people that you know for recommendations or just search the internet to know the best manufacturer that creates high quality hunting camouflage.
Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camouflage for more information.

Everything You Need To Know About The Different Kinds Of Hunting Camouflage Patterns